Your Virtual Esthetician


Welcome to Trinity Esthetics Virtual Services!

In addition to offering our award-winning, in-person services, 

we specialize in creating customized skincare solutions for you.


How does it work?

1)  Book Your 1-Hour Consultation with one of our Estheticians ($55 Fee)

2) Fill out the Skincare Consultation form:

3)  Attend your consultation where we'll recommend ingredients and products

specifically for you - taking into consideration your lifestyle, budget, and skincare concerns.

4) Your Consultation Fee will be applied toward tools & products we recommend, including customized skincare formulation.

5) FREE Shipping! Receive your products within 3 business days

Customized formulation can take 7-10 business days depending on ingredient availability

5) Follow-up with your Provider - Your Provider will help you decide how often to

follow-up so that we can make sure you're seeing visible progress.

6)  See how amazing your skin can really be! 

What skincare concerns do we help our clients with?

Aging Concerns (Sagging, Fine Lines, Deep Wrinkles, etc.)

Acne (Teen, Hormonal, Dietary, Environmental, etc.)

Sun-Damage and Hyperpigmentation (including difficult conditions like Melasma)

Skin Sensitivity (Rosacea, Eczema, Barrier Repair, etc.)

We'll walk you through it! - step by step, what to do to achieve better skin. 

We know how to do it because we've been doing it for years!

Remember, it takes time to achieve consistently amazing skin,

But only one day to get started!


The methods used are a combination of evaluating lifestyle, nutrition, sleep patterns,

skincare routine, to truly get to the bottom of your deepest skin concerns. 

We’ll show you how to listen to your skin and get in tune with it.

If you’ve grown tired of the guessing game and desire true, beautiful, healthy skin, this is the answer you’re looking for.

What you'll learn:

The products & ingredients your skin craves

(Hint: It changes every season!)

Daily, weekly and monthly rituals to enhance your results

Foods to Include & Avoid for Happy Skin (And Gut!)

Herbs & Supplements for Better Skin


Sessions can be done as often as necessary

to help you achieve your dream skin.

Bi-monthly sessions are the most effective in reaching

your skin goals in a shorter period of time.

Where to start:

First, sign up for your

1 Hour Virtual Consultation Session

Second, fill out this form

Each Session is unique to your specific needs

Your experience may include but not limited to:

  • Discover what your skincare needs are both internally and externally

  • Get answers to your long-time questions

  • Learn to FINALLY love the skin you're in!

  • Achieve Beautiful Skin!

After your initial consultation session, you'll schedule regular follow-ups to track your progress.

You'll also have the ability to message your provider (responses within one business day), send updated photos and ask questions as necessary.


Continuation of your program

We'll evaluate your progress and assess before & after photos.

Together we'll optimize your routine, determine the best days

to exfoliate, hydrate, mask, and more for the best skin you've ever had.