Beauty Secrets Revealed!

I think we’re finally getting close to my favorite time of year, late spring-early summer in Colorado. After what seemed like days of rain and for some plenty of snow, I hope we’re finally on the other side. For my family this means evenings on the patio, grilling our favorite foods, hiking trails and trips to the golf course. As a woman that wears many hats, I constantly am trying to balance it all and look good doing it. Not always the easiest to accomplish! So recently I wrote a list of the things I do as part of my summer beauty regime that take little time and make me look and feel amazing.

Waxing ~ Confession time: I haven’t used a razor in years. I don’t even know if I have one in the house other than my hubby's. I’m honestly too lazy to shave everyday so I wax every 3-4 weeks. The 3 main areas: Bikini, Underarms and Legs. Everybody worries about how long the hair needs to be but you only really need ¼-½ inch of growth which isn’t enough for most people to notice. This saves me SO much time and the best thing is I don’t think twice about wearing sleeveless shirts or shorts, not to mention when the kids want to go to the pool. If you’ve never had body waxing done I can understand this might sound intimidating. However, just like facial waxing, once you’ve done it a couple of times it’s fairly painless - I promise.

Eyelash & Brow Tinting ~ If you haven’t had this done, you are missing out! Summer is the time of year where we want to wear less makeup. Tinting helps to accentuate your brows and lashes by darkening them as much or as little as you’d like. Afterwards you have perfectly defined brows and thick, lush lashes for up to 4 WEEKS! The product used is a gentle, vegetable based dye that’s formulated for use around the eyes. There is absolutely no aftercare involved and you can swim, sweat and wake up every morning ready to go.

Organic Spray Tanning ~ 30 minutes = Perfectly Customized Tan! Different than at home sunless products or stepping into a spray tan booth, this is a fully customized service because the tanning solution is airbrushed on with a handheld unit. We work together to decide how “tan” you’d like to be in comparison to your skin tone, then apply the organic solution so that it looks real, using subtle contouring techniques to give the appearance of a real tan. Norvell Sunless is one of the top companies in the world for sunless products and the color is always amazing. After the application, you’ll have a great looking tan that lasts about a week. Spray tanning can be done every week to maintain color or just before a vacat