Clean Up Your Makeup Routine

When it comes to the application of makeup, you need to have an easy, no fuss routine for daily life and be able to incorporate other makeup techniques for special occasions. For the most part, women like to look fresh, natural and not too “done up”. I hear this from regular clients as well as the brides that are in and out of the salon all year long. There comes a certain point for nearly all women when we would like to do more to enhance our natural appearance. Here are a few tips to get you out the door with little effort.


Choosing the right foundation can be challenging, but there a few things that can make the process easier. First, know your skin type! This is by far the most important thing to know because otherwise your skin could feel oily, dry, cakey, etc. When looking for a foundation it is generally listed on the product what type of coverage you can expect. Liquid is by far the most readily available and fits combination, balanced and dry skin. Powder is also popular and suited for those with balanced, combination or oily skin. Cream foundation is an option suited for those with dry skin and is generally more full coverage. The goal is to have it seamlessly blend into the skin with little effort. It’s easiest to have this done by someone trained to identify one’s skin level (light, med, dark) and skin tone (cool, warm, neutral). Those that work as Makeup Artists are trained to foundation match. Also, anytime you switch foundation brands or formulas you’ll need to be re-matched, luckily most places are more than happy to do this for free!


FOUNDATION/TINTED SPF - This is your bare-bones, I-needed-to-leave-5-minutes-ago routine, it’s quick, simple and you’ll look presentable. First, primer, if you have any kind of skin texture issues, large pores, this is important. Primer can be applied with a brush or your fingers. Next is foundation or Tinted SPF – Tinted SPF, BB Cream, CC Cream, it’s all pretty much the same, just find what works best for you and apply all over with your foundation brush.

LASHES - Next, lashes are the easiest way to look like you’re actually awake. Use a lash curler and give each set of lashes a 2-3 pumps, then follow with mascara. A few words about mascara, throw it out every 3 months, always twirl the wand in the tube (pumping dries it out faster) and lengthening mascara will always be less clumpy than volumizing mascara. If you don’t care for mascara, look into lash tinting or lash extensions and you’ll go from 3 minute to 1 minute makeup. Finish it off with a light, translucent powder and you’re ready to go.