Emotions, Stress & the Mind-Skin Connection

Have you ever experienced a rash, acne flare-up or other skin related issue? Did you feel like it was due to a stressful situation or life event? You’re not alone. Many people have these types of experiences, so many that studies being done to look at the connection between the brain and our skin.

Nerve endings are connected to the skin, like all of our organs, so when we feel stress and emotions, neurologically it sends signals to the skin. Stress affects people in different ways; ulcers, migraines and skin conditions can all be related to what doctors in this field refer to as the “target organ theory”, a theory that individuals have a specific organ the body channels stress through.

For those that experience this due to episodic stress or chronic stress, there are treatments available to address stress-induced skin conditions. Relaxation therapy, habit reversal training and nutritional assessment are just a few of the most effective treatments one can seek.

  • Relaxation therapy is a calming, rejuvenating treatment that can include facial massage, acupressure, aromatherapy and natural ingredients to bring about calm and healing.

  • Habit reversal training can be utilized when one feels the urge to pick at dry skin or a pimple to be more mindful of what your hands are doing to your skin and make a positive change.

  • A comprehensive nutritional assessment looks at diet and lifestyle as a whole, focusing on eating whole, unprocessed foods and cutting back on sugar. This can also include ensuring you’re getting proper nutrients and regular exercise.

These treatment options can help alleviate stress-related skin problems, the first step is setting up a time to consult with the right professional. After a proper consultation, an appropriate treatment can be established to put you on the path to healthy, clear, radiant skin.

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