Facial Massage

If you've ever had a facial, hopefully you've experienced the bliss of an amazing facial massage. Most people don't realize it, but the massage portion of your facial isn't just feel-good fluff, it's one of the most important pieces in achieving glowing, radiant skin. By just spending a few extra minutes a day doing self-massage, your skin can reap many benefits.

facial massage

Clearer, Younger Looking Skin

Facial massage stimulates blood and oxygen flow to the skin and increases collagen production. This type of stimulation also makes the skin more receptive to absorbing products and healing itself. One the best parts about facial massage is the prevention and reduction of fine lines and wrinkles - there are 52 different muscles in the face, all of which are subjected to tension due to daily stress. The first areas of the face that we generally notice lines is in the forehead and brow area, by regularly massaging the face you can slow the aging process!

Elevated Mood & Well-being

Facial massage can decrease anxiety, elevate your mood and reduce stress. Making facial massage a part of your nightly facial routine can help you relax, providing a more restful sleep.


Massaging the face can stimulate the lymphatic system which are little tiny vessels similar to blood vessels just below the skin. The lymphatic system is primarily responsible for eliminating toxics throughout the body, including the face. Through gentle massage movements the lymphatic system can remove those toxins but it requires gentle muscle movement to get there. Over time, the lymph can become congested or sluggish causing toxin buildup. There are many lymph nodes throughout the body and face to help facilitate the release of these toxins. Once the buildup is released, clearer, more radiant skin will follow.

Happy Massaging!