We’re always using words like TAME, CONTROL, or REVERSE

to talk about what we want from our skin.
When what our skin really wants is to HEAL, ENHANCE, and EXPRESS.

Your skin wants to be heard, understood, and appreciated.  
It goes through a lot for you, each and every day.

I'll be your guide in changing the narrative of your skin

from a negative to a positive.

As a long time Esthetician, I've studied the science of skincare

for years, have an intimate understanding of ingredients and skin

histology.  Two people could present with the exact same skin issues and type, but their journey to healthy skin could be very different sometimes.

Why? Because healing the skin takes more than a specific product.

Over time, I've found that bringing out one's desired skin is actually much deeper.  Healing is about addressing the unique energy of your skin and your soul. Affected by a combination of factors, we'll work together to manifest your desired results. Using a combination of science & divination tools to read your skin & soul energy, we'll get more insight into these factors:

Skin Nutrition

Physical Wellbeing



Emotional Wellbeing

Medical History

Social Wellbeing

Done entirely from the comfort of your home, we'll work together to discover what's holding you back from your goals.

What you'll learn:

The products & ingredients your skin craves

(Hint: It changes every season!)

Daily, weekly and monthly rituals to enhance your results

Skin Journaling to Track Progress

Easy Skin Enhancing Meditations

Foods to Include & Avoid for Happy Skin (And Gut!)

Herbs & Supplements for Better Skin

The KEY to Ageless, Flawless Skin


Sessions can be done as often as necessary

to help you achieve your dream skin.

Bi-monthly sessions are the most effective in reaching

your skin goals in a shorter period of time.

Where to start:

First, sign up for your

2-hour Skin Divination Session

After your 2-hour Skin Divination Session,

you can begin your 1-hour Bi-Weekly Facial Forecasting Sessions 

Facial Forecasting Sessions are a continuation of your program.

We'll evaluate your progress, assess before & after photos, and perform a  divination session of your choice to forecast the future needs of your skin.

Additional Distance Guidance Sessions:

Reiki Chakra Balancing, Guided Manifestation,

and Tarot Readings.

Together we'll optimize your routine, forecast the best days

to exfoliate, hydrate, mask, and more for the best skin, you've ever had.

Not quite ready to commit?

Book a 30-minute Skin Discovery Session!

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