What types of Products does Trinity Esthetics Use?

The process of selecting products for you is never-ending!  What is important to you is important to me, so I select products and ingredients that are clean, sustainable and effective at addressing your skin concerns.


It takes time researching ingredients, product lines, and equipment to find the very best options for you, but it's a part of my job I truly love! As time goes on I'll continue to add new, exciting, results-oriented products and treatments that encourage ultimate skin health and vitality. 


Home-care is customized for you personally to ensure visible results. As time goes on, we change - and so does our skin! Age and skin types are not the only factors to consider when choosing treatments and skincare; lifestyle, nutrition, hormones, and exercise all play a role. As these factors change in our lives, adjustments need to be made with our skincare as well. 

We currently carry two main product lines.


Elemental Skin Theory, a Trinity Esthetics exclusive line is an Apothecary style skincare line, filled with sustainable herbs, botanicals and clean, effective ingredients that encourage the skin to revitalize itself from the inside out. 

Roccoco Botanicals, a holistic product line from Australia, they focus heavily on acne and allergy-safe products that treat the skin in a revolutionary way that maintains and respects the skin barrier.


Consultations are always free at Trinity Esthetics, all you need to do is book your appointment! Consultations are about 30 minutes and are designed to help you and I decide what treatments and products are best for you. If you would like a skincare consultation it is recommended that you bring all regularly used makeup and skincare products with you to the appointment so that we can evaluate what you're currently using and how that can be integrated into your routine.